Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best. Night. Ever.

I am pretty darn tired, and therefore I've lost any capacity for eloquence.
Fortunately, the pictures from our time with Nixie tonight speak for themselves.

The summary?
Time with the baby in our arms makes us two love-drunk parents.

I got to kiss my girl for the first time since I was splayed out on the operating room table - so thankful!
And tomorrow? Kangaroo care! Skin to skin time with my baby!

Diaper changing master

Getting a baby massage

First picture of our little family (sorry it's blurry)

We are good at making cute babies

I am pretty much raptured by her

Kisses ... finally!


Back in her box, looking awesome (with our picture in the background)


  1. I am crying tears of joy right now for you!!

  2. Praise God for that little miracle firebird! I can't wait to share the love!!!! Ecstatic for your FAMILY!!!

  3. Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Rejoicing with y'all!!!

  4. Emily I have never met you, I met Josh on the volleyball courts at Bogan like 2 years ago I think, but I also go to Water's Edge. I stumbled upon your blog and have kept up with it. I am pregnant, due in August, and every update you make I can't help but feel emotional. These pictures are all so beautiful! Praying for you and your family! :D