Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 Month Pictures (and some randoms)

Turns out sister is done being cooperative for these pictures ... she was alert and flinging her limbs all over the place. I took millions of pictures, most of which had at least one blurry extremity.
But here are a couple of the best ones!

Most beautiful baby ever!

Wassup, Darla?

Mid yawn

Couldn't tell you why I like this one
Super girl!

Today I decided to carve a pumpkin -- except that I forgot we don't have a carving kit until I had already gutted the thing.
So, in the interim, I decided to put my baby in the jack'o'latern. And sister hated it. But the pictures are AWESOME!

Eat that pumpkin

Wait a second ...

Angry girl!

Check out her fatty arm!

Get me out of here!
And a couple of random pictures:

Layin' on Daddy

Couch nap

Love her tons!


  1. I'm a friend of Grandma Joy.
    Wow... She has filled out nicely! ha ha Some nicely formed "chubby meats" as we call them in our family. ;)
    So glad things are going better for you all. God is great, and God is good!

    Kim Higginbottom

  2. Good try at being a baby photographer... Only you would put your baby inside a pumpkin. I am in the middle of a second grade class shaking I'm laughing so hard. I love it!!

  3. I love the chub she's getting! Super adorable :)