Monday, October 17, 2011

Anniversary Trip

Our 36-hour getaway to Savannah was just what we needed to celebrate passing the one-year mark. It was PHENOMENAL to just be married people again, without being parents.
Well, I guess we still had a few parental moments -- like when we were comparing stuffed animal dragons for Phoenix.
But we didn't have to function around her schedule, we had no oxygen to cart around, no diapers to change and no monitor to break the blessed silence.

I, being a little bit more reflective than Josh, made us talk (a lot) about the past year, everything we have learned about relationships, and what was surprising to us about marriage. It has been a fun week of conversations, and I can honestly say that I love that man more than I ever imagined possible ... and definitely more than I did a year ago.

We had a TON of fun together, due in large part to Josh's awesome trip-planning skills. That's right, people, he planned it all! 

Here are just a few pictures:
Awesome room at a bed & breakfast (which, ironically, didn't really have breakfast)

River Street

Meet and my forever-man

It was simultaneously decorated for Halloween and breast cancer awareness. Awesome.

Anyone who really knows me will understand why Josh picked the perfect place for dinner

Year-old cake (Still looked and tasted good, Lisa!)

Thank you all for loving and supporting us ... it has made all the difference in the way we love and support one another!
And here is a shout-out to Skitch and Doobie ... thank you for showering our girl in snuggles, and for blessing us with the chance to leave her at home!

Side note -- without any context, it is kinda sketchy that we have a four-month-old and have only been married a year.
Side note #2 -- While reading this post, Josh said, "You aren't more reflective ... you just think about it more." Yup. He's mine.

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  1. Winston. do you live in a church on a hill? I can still hear you singing that. love it. and the blog. and you. and your fam.