Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adoption Awareness Month

November is adoption awareness month, which I happened to find out a couple weeks ago thanks to a multitude of social worker Facebook friends.
Josh and I have been setting aside time to pray this month about adoption as an option for our family, and would love it if you would join us in seeking God's will.
Adoption and foster care have been part of my heartbeat ever since spending my college summers in inner-city Philly, watching children being largely neglected by their parents. It only seems right to open our family to children who would otherwise live without the most basic and profound human need: love.
Now that we have started our family, the timing is ripe for us to pray about growth - especially because the adoption process can take years.
Just to clarify, we haven't 100% ruled out more biological children. Though, to be brutally honest, just thinking about it makes me tear up. My pregnancy and Phoenix's birth were the two hardest (and scariest) things I have ever done, and it is extremely likely that future pregnancies would be just as complicated and dangerous. But, as my life continues to attest, God will do what he wants, and I never want to make decisions driven by fear.

So we are taking this month to educate ourselves and ask God to let us in on His vision for our family.
Here are some things you can join us in praying about:
- how it would work for us financially
- domestic or international (though I definitely lean domestic)?
- which agency?
- infant or older?
- sibling groups?
- special needs?
- foster care first? Adopt out of foster care?

We so appreciate you partnering with us in prayer!

And now, for your viewing pleasure ....

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