Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Month Pictures

My computer is on the fritz (I spilled several ounces of breastmilk on the keyboard ... I cannot wait until this terrible phase of my life is over), so I am having to use Josh's work computer whenever I want to post pictures ... hence the delay.

Unfortunately, I still failed to capture a smile. She has started to smile A LOT in the last few days, but has also mastered the art of keeping those smiles secret. As soon as the camera is out, she either stops smiling or moves enough to make the pictures blurry. Bummer for you ... but I kind of relish the fact that Josh and I get all her secret smiles.

Notice that we exchanged accessories ... no cannula in these pictures! Unfortunately we are still not rid of the oxygen tanks, but she continues to do better. Last week, she went 5 days and 4 nights breathing only room air! Keep praying -- we would love to have tank-free holidays!

The post-smile spit face

Darla snugs

She smacked Darla out of this picture

I like how Darla is peeking at the camera in this picture

And a picture post just feels incomplete without pictures of Josh and Phoenix napping together. So here you go!

FYI --- I plan on ending this blog once sister is totally off her oxygen, which will hopefully be soon. But never fear, I will continue to blog. There will still be Phoenix pics and stories, but also lots of theological musings, quotes, baking brags and whatever else I feel like sharing with the world. I would continue with my old blog (, but I cannot sign on because I forgot my password, and I can't login to the Baylor email address I used to create it. Lame, I know. But a tumblr account seems more appropriate for myriad of things I plan to share, so check out my so fresh and so clean blog at (Thanks to TL for the tumblr inspiration!)

Much love!

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