Tuesday, December 13, 2011

6 Month Update

Whoa ... it's been a whole month since I have blogged. Sorry this is so overdue! I have been working a good amount in the last couple weeks, so extra time is harder to find.

Oxygen update: She is consistently requiring oxygen at night ... bummer. But we are strategizing some ways to help her breathe better at night, so stay posted for potential progress.

Nickname update:
Currently, she most often gets called...
Bee Bee
Baby Girl
Poop Mouth (there has to be a nickname for when she's a handful, right?)

Personality update:
- She is awesome when she first wakes up ... she will just lay there with her eyes open until one of us goes to un-swaddle her, and she almost always gives a big grin. Then she lays on the changing table being all smilely and sweet and awesome ... who would have ever guessed that I would love getting up with my girl at 7:30 in the morning?
- She is using her hands a lot more ... meaning she will pull on her blankets or clothes, hold onto her bottles, and grab my fingers. I call them her "helper hands," even though they are usually in the way.
- She is sooo close to laughing ... especially with Josh.
- If I stand in front of a mirror while holding her and make silly faces, she will see me in the mirror, smile, and then playfully turn her head away.
- She is much better at sitting up and holding her head up. When she is really content (usually after eating), she will sit up straight and look all over the place. We love it, because then it actually looks like she has a neck.
- She is a little socialite. The more people around, the better. Especially if they will hold her.
- She makes a very distinct noise when she is pooping ... and it is hilarious. Josh and I just laid in bed giggling at her the other night, because she was being so loud. And sometimes she works so hard it makes her eyes water.
- She has this amazing capacity to turn Josh into a pile of mush. In the last month or so, he has really fallen head over heels in love with her. He is always saying sweet things to her, gushing over how cute she is, and he relishes everything about her. It's the best thing ever.

And, last but not least, the picture update:

Hand in the mouth ... story of her life

She's not wearing cloth so I could capture her cute bum 


Holy crap ... cutest baby ever in the world. Ever.

Rocky dreams

There had to be a daddy/baby sleep picture, right? Phoenix looks like a hobo ...
And here are a couple pictures from Phoenix's first visit with Santa. It was not premeditated, so sorry for the lack of Christmas clothes ... oh well. It's still super cute.

Hope you are all having a lovely, reflective Advent season!


  1. I just love her big cheeks! What a beautygirl!

  2. What do you mean she doesn't have a neck? :)