Saturday, May 12, 2012

11 Months

Here's what's new with girl baby:
- She is getting her first tooth! After she spent her entire bath chewing on a cup a few days ago, I decided to feel her gums and one had just broken through!
- Sister is still eating mostly formula and baby food, but she is starting to get the hang of eating little bits of solid things. She loves to try eating whatever we are eating, so we are starting to let her have little bits of bread and such.
- She learned how to roll from her back to her belly, and it just starting to learn that she can roll to get places. Sometimes she couldn't care less about being mobile, but every once and a while she will move around the living room floor.
- She is pulling up like crazy on our hands, and occasionally pulls up on other things (like her crib). But if I stand her up next to the coffee table, she will stay standing there for a while. She LOVES to stand up, and is slowly getting her sea legs.
- She had her first dip in the pool, for those who hadn't heard. She didn't love it at first, but me thinks she will be quite the water baby.
- She also experienced her first baseball game! We went to the local minor league stadium for a friends birthday, and Phoenix loved it (especially eating the sand/grass).
- She has developed a little bit of separation anxiety ... and I not so secretly love that she needs me. Don't worry, I want her to be independent and we will definitely continue to foster her independence. But I will enjoy the sweet parts of this stage ...

Here are pictures from the last month:
The fam at the March for Babies
At 12Stone on a Weds morn (after I had been doing childcare for small groups)
Bathing Beauty
Drying off with Daddy
Look at that leg

This might be my favorite picture of her ... ever.

Getting a better view
Eating banana bread

No arms! (She flails them whenever she's excited)

Only one more month till her birthday -- don't worry, the plans are in full swing :)

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