Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 Months

Can't believe we are closing in on a year with this girl!

Sorry it's blurry ... still cute though

The bad news: I haven't taken any camera pictures of Phoenix in the last month. Now, instagram? Yes. But there was not a single photo on the camera between 9 and 10 month pictures. The camera continues to frustrate me, so most of the time I just don't bother with it.

The very bad news: Josh's computer failed, and now I can't figure out how to upload videos. Too bad for you, cuz we have some winners. I will work on it, though, and I promise to post them before we hit 11 months.

Here is where she is at:
- We aren't sure of her current weight. When she was getting her monthly RSV vaccine, she was regularly weighed. Our insurance didn't approve us for any more RSV shots (since the season ends this month), so she hasn't been weighed in a month or so. But I don't think she has gained much ... she is probably right around 21 lbs. [[Side note -- pray that she doesn't get exposed to RSV this month! Her weight is solid and her lungs are strong, but we would hate to have her end up back in the hospital!]]
- Her favorite toys these days are: straws, plastic bags, paper and foil. Now, before you call DHS on me, these are all very extremely supervised (especially plastic bags). But give my girl some trash, and she will be happy for days. As far as real toys go, she is loving her plastic phone and beach balls.
- She drools NON STOP. In fact, Josh was letting her play with his phone, and she ruined it with all her drool. Lesson learned the hard way. But, despite all that drool, we have not seen any sign of teeth.
- She is still totally uninterested in crawling. The second she is on her belly, she flips over. Recently, we have started some crawling training when I put her on the floor in between my legs (so she can't flip over) and I try and tempt her with a toy. She could care less. She does scootch backwards, but I don't think it is intentional.
- We have been LOVING Gymboree classes. My brother got Phoenix a groupon for a month of classes, and we both can't get enough. I learn more about her development, get ideas for toys/activities, meet other mommies and have 45 min of focused quality time with her. She loves the whole thing, but is especially enthralled with the other babies. She is definitely going to be a socialite. Fortunately, we found a way to keep going on the cheap! Thank you Jesus!
- She is still rocking 4 meals a day, three of which include fruit/veggies/cereal. We tried introducing some puffs, and she didn't seem too fond of them (especially after choking on her third). So she is still just eating purees, though I occasionally let her taste my food, or give her some fruit or bread to gnaw on. She LOVES to gum strawberries ... I just have to keep an eye on her, because she tries to shove the whole thing in her mouth. 
- She has started playing with her voice, which means she has a lot of fun shrieking and screaming for no reason. It's cute ... for awhile.
- She is a dancing machine. Turn on some music, show her your moves, and she will follow suit.
- She is all set for summer. We are geared up with swim diapers, a suit, a nap tent, sunscreen and a hat. Bring on the beautiful weather!
- We are finally weaning her off her nap swaddle. It went horribly the first time, but she seems to have adjusted. So thankful to pack those swaddle sacks away. Watch out, pacifier. You are next.
- She continues to be such an easy baby! She is the best little buddy for running errands, going on walks, and just hanging out. She is tons of fun, and we so enjoy her presence. Josh and I are just a little bit obsessed ....

And here are pictures of my lovely girl from today!

Wouldn't open her eyes when we tried outside (for all the good light)

chewing on the camera strap while I'm trying to take pictures

Best picture I could get with Darla (Phoenix won't leave her on the floor)

My drool bug

Couldn't resist playing with her flower

Model baby

Half smile

She has my heart

Stroking Darla

Bewildered baby

My sunshine girl

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow ... Josh and I will be attending an information meeting at a local adoption agency. We are going primarily for more information, but who knows where it could lead. We want to honor God's will and timing, so pray for clarity for us as we think about our future family.

Love you all!

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