Thursday, March 15, 2012

9 Months!

It's that time again!

I know the 11th was on Sunday ... sorry to keep you waiting, but I can't upload pictures on my computer. Josh has been MIA because of work, so today was the first chance I've had to share these with you.

- Phoenix weighs just over 20 pounds. Sister still has plenty of lovely chunk, but her weight gain has slowed a little ... which is good!
- SHE ROLLS OVER! She actually did this for the first time with Joy, my mother in law. Was a I jealous? Just a tiny bit ... but mostly excited that she got to witness a milestone with her own eyes. Many of you have probably seen the video on my facebook, but here it is anyway.

- She has pretty much mastered the sitting up thing ... she will still occasionally tip over, but it's not the norm anymore.
- We made the decision to get her on a more predictable schedule, which turned out to be a pretty easy ... Josh and I aren't sure why we didn't do it sooner. She now eats at 8 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM and has a night-time bottle before bed at 8 PM. It is SO MUCH EASIER to plan our days with her new predictable rhythm. Naps are predictable now too ... holla!
- She still LOVES kisses, especially on her hands and feet. I think she knows that kisses = love.
- She got lots of good family time this month. The two of us traveled to Colorado in the middle of February so Phoenix could meet my Grandma Ethel (Phoenix's middle name comes from her). While there, she got lots of quality time from her Aunt Tudy (my sister Amy) and my best friend Lindsay. She also got to see Skitch and Doobie (Josh's parents) at the end of February, and my mom was just here as well. She is one well-loved little lady! Here are some pictures from the Colorado trip:

Reading with her great Grandma

Lindsay and my sister after her surgery (Love you Tudy!)

Me and my drool bug

Hot mess reachin' for the camera

Phoenix on Lindsay's hip, Lindsay on Jefff's hip

This is what happens when you don't have snow boots. Hot, I know.

Snow sitter

And here are the rest from her 9 month shoot. Not sure why the quality sucks ... oh well. I think the subject matter makes up for it.


Happiest baby on the block


Scrunchy face

Karate kid
She refused a picture with Darla laying next to her

Love her legs!

And, to end the post, here are a couple videos. If this doesn't fill your Phoenix tank, check out our youtube channel for more!
FYI ... the last video is shot weird. I apologize. But watch it anyway, because she is little miss personality.

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