Saturday, February 11, 2012

8 Month Update

The money shot from our photo shoot today:

Even though she was sick, she still gave me some smiles to work with.
She woke up several times last night, just wanting to be held. And that is what I did most of the day today ... which, I will admit, was kind of nice. We aren't worried about it being anything serious (she has gotten all her routine RSV shots), but I would appreciate prayers for healing! Phoenix and I are making the pilgrimage to Colorado on Tuesday to visit my grandma, sister, and best friend -- I would hate to have her feeling bad while we travel.

- Our not-so-small baby now weighs in at 19 lbs. You can imagine how awesome my arm muscles are at this point from carrying her around ... she is a serious workout. But her lovely lady lumps are awesome. Check out my favorite things about having a "hearty" baby:
The wrist version of a cankle

Baby rolls
- Phoenix has officially found her feet, and they always seem to float up to where she can reach them.

- She can almost sit up by herself, as evidenced by these pictures:

She hasn't quite mastered it though, and sometimes she sways and then falls over:

- Phoenix is eating a lot of solids, and currently enjoys apples, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, pears and prunes. She is not a huge fan of anything green, though. She is her daddy's girl.
Here are some pictures of her eating:


- She is learning cause and effect, mostly through dropping her toys (and everything else) on the floor ... not my favorite developmental milestone.
- She will always give me a big smile when I kiss her hands or toes. Which happens a lot.
- She still has yet to roll over. She may never get the hang of that ... maybe she will someday be the only 40 year-old to struggle with the rolling-over skill. Hopefully not. Josh and I also think she may never crawl, as she hates being on her belly. But she LOVES to stand (with help, of course), so she may just skip crawling and work on walking instead.
- She continues to be very engaged and observant. She is very aware of her surroundings, which is fun except when I am trying to get her to focus on eating.
- She is the easiest baby ... ever. I have started doing some childcare for church small groups once a week, and it confirmed what I already knew in my heart. Phoenix is the most chill baby ever. Our next one will probably be a hellion ...

That's all I can think of right now ... I am sick as well, and sleep-deprived.
So here are some random pictures from the last month, and the rest of today's photo shoot.
Her preemie diaper (which was too big at birth) in front of her size 3 diapers

She ALWAYS migrates to this corner of the bed during the night

Morning baby
Taylor lovin' on my girl

Casey came to visit and spoke sweet Italian words to Phoenix

Bundled for a walk with mommy
Beauty gaze

Going to be too big for this blanket soon

Sizing up darla


Dwarfing Darla

Talking to me while I photograph

Love this 8 month old!

One of her favorite tricks
And now, the video you have all been waiting for. The infamous poop noise (haha ... I am such a mom. I am blogging about my kid's poop).
She stops whatever she is doing (in this case, she was eating) to concentrate on the task at hand. It's hilarious.

And a random funny video from tonight to close out the post. Much love!

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