Monday, September 19, 2011

3 > 2

I love that there are three of us.

At one point today, the babe was freshly bathed and propped up on Josh's knees in bed, with me curled up under his arm. It doesn't get any better than that, people.

Sure, there are moments when I feel like our run as honeymooners was cut too short, but I love the way that God has orchestrated our crazy life. Instead of getting to love just one person with all that I am, I have two people in my life who have stolen my heart. The more, the merrier I say.

A couple bits of info for ya:
1. We aren't doing much breastfeeding these days. It continues to be a stressful experience for both of us, and it always ends with a bottle anyways. Am I sad that we can't figure it out? Yes. Do I feel guilty about it? No. Anything that makes life easier on both of us seems like a win to me, and I am going to keep pumping to make sure sister gets the good nutrition she needs.
I realized that I have the choice to cherish her birth and all it entails, or continue to grieve it. So I choose to love it ... NICU, hospital bills, bottle-feeding and all. Because it gave me my girl.
2. Phoenix's lungs are slowly getting better. When she first came home, she was needing at least 1/2 liter of oxygen per minute (often 3/4 or a full liter) -- now she spends the majority of her time on 1/4 liter and even some on 1/8. Holla!

Josh and I have been asking God to heal her lungs so that she can be off oxygen by the beginning of October ... would you join us in that specific prayer?

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  1. Still praying for you guys every day! Don't be sad about the breastfeeding. BFing a preemie is HARD and takes time, your pumping days will be over soon.