Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Three Things

Because the pictures are everyone's favorite part, we will start with that:

Fancy girl hated her bow

Going Out

Think they are related?

Bundled to survive the arctic air in our house

Nothing is really too new in these here parts ... just doing life with our sort-of-newborn.

I am really starting to grapple with the notion that my days consist of: feeding the baby, changing her diaper, cleaning her up, doing dishes, pumping, and doing some laundry. As I'm sure most of you know, I didn't quite expect to be living the stay-at-home-mom life quite yet, and I am still coming to terms with it. At the end of the day, all I can really say is that she will live to see another day ... that's it. Because somedays I don't even get a shower.
Case in point?
Today when Josh got home, he asked: "Did you take a shower?"(Cuz my hair looked wet)
My answer: "No. My hair is just that greasy."
Honestly, it's all a little unfulfilling at this point, seeing as she doesn't even really make eye contact with me.

So, I have decided to start prioritizing a few things that are unrelated to the baby -- I need to do a couple of things for my own sanity every day. Although nothing can really be unrealted to the baby anymore: my emotional, physical and spiritual health will have an impact on her.
I am quite the dreamer, so usually my goals are ... shall we say ... ambitious. But, seeing as showers are a triumph these days, I am trying to be a bit more realistic.
So, the three things I want to do every day are:
1. Meet with God
- I have a tendency to have way too many expectations for spending time with God, which usually just leaves me feeling like a failure. No grand expectations this time ... I may only whisper a desperate plea for energy, or sing a worship song while feeding the babe. Or I may spend an hour in incense-gilded prayer. Either way, I will meet with Him.
2. Use my mind.
- I have watched a lot of TV on Netflix the last few months ... like a lot. Like all of SYTYCD, all of Mad Men, all of the Bachelorette, quite a few documentaries, and two seasons of Friday Night Lights (so far). A girl's got to do something while pumping, or when nursing takes an hour. But it sure isn't workin' out my brain. So whether I complete a sudoku puzzle, write a poem, or read a challenging book, I will not let my mind become mush.
3. Take care of my body.
- I already know that I am not going to start training for a marathon anytime soon .. or ever. But I want to make an effort to do small things to take care of myself ... like go for a walk, do lunges around the kitchen, or eat carrots instead of pudding. And I want to take great care of my diabetes EVERY DAY.

Tomorrow marks day one ... anyone with me?


  1. I. Am. WITH YOU!!! And can I just say that I love when I literally lol at something and can use that. So Emily... to your comment "I am not oging to start training for a marathon anytime soon .. or ever." -- lol. Seriously. It was a good laugh.

    What about... going walking sometime? I think that may be... idk... awesome. Just think about it. And eat a carrot (or pudding.. I don't care) while you do.

  2. and by "going walking sometime" i mean "with me. -- possibly Aubrey, too"