Saturday, September 17, 2011

Well, Shoot.

Its been a rough evening at the Cash household.

Normally, getting the mail is one of my favorite parts of the day -- if you send me snail mail, I will love you forever!

Today, however, we got a nice little letter from our insurance about Phoenix's hospital stay.
And we are still reeling.

The number?
$179, 525.96

You know what I call that? BIRTH CONTROL.

So we freaked out. Then we realized that the insurance had covered exactly $0 -- that is not right, of course, so we will be calling them first thing on Monday morning to get that straightened out. They had processed Phoenix as "BG Emily Cash," which I guess our insurance didn't recognize as being the same person. So they are going to cover a good chunk of that.

But we are still pretty overwhelmed.
Just look at how Phoenix responded ...

In all seriousness though, here is how you can help:
1. PRAY! Pray that the insurance situation would get solved quickly and easily, pray for continued healing of her lungs (so we can stop paying for home oxygen), pray for us (especially Josh) to give the pressure/burden of her bills to the Lord, and pray that He would help us find a way to pay for it all!
2. I would love to help us make some money, but right now it isn't super feasible with her still on oxygen. So if you know of any work that I can do from home, PLEASE let me know!
3. God has so graciously used so many of you to help us with the bills we have already received (for my c-section, my two hospitals stays and her home oxygen care) -- but I obviously can't pretend that we don't need more help. If you feel prompted, we would be beyond grateful.

Thank you all for walking with us in this crazy season!


  1. I know how scary and devastating it can be to see a HUGE amount of money with your name on it that you didn't put there and can't fathom ever paying back. Some great news for you guys is that the number is definitely inaccurate because of the insurance mess up -- remember that -- it will definitely help.

    Also, even if it turns out to be an outrageous number still, it tends to be SO much more manageable than first glance would have you believe. It's amazing how God provides and the money DOES start to get worked out in ways you can't or could never have imagined.

    Praying for all these things and remember: It matters that you remember what's true -- God is sovereign, your life isn't in shambles, the insurance messed up, and things WILL work out without you guys financial lives being ruined -- you guys can still totally prosper in this time.

    Love you and your family:)

  2. It's an open offer to look at your plan re: max annual amount.