Thursday, August 11, 2011

2 Month Birthday

My sweet girl was born two months ago today.
In celebration, we took some pictures of her with her luck dragon, Darla, to keep track of how she grows.

This was as close as we could get for her 1 month picture:

And here are some from today -- she is laying on the beautiful quilt that we got from my sister-in-law, Sandra.

Eat that hand

Pretty Baby!
Hopefully next time we take these pictures, she won't have a cannula in her nose or a pulse oximeter on her hand. Taking these pictures was the biggest achievement of our day. That, and her first bath at home.

Dry and cuddly

Based on the videos and pictures, you would think Josh was a single dad. Don't worry ... I promise I put in my fair share of work around here.

It's been quite the day around our house ... having her here has obviously drastically changed our dynamic. She had a fairly good morning, but was having bad oxygen saturations this afternoon. Josh and I are learning quickly how to better serve and love one another, and we are choosing to be quick to extend and receive grace. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful parenting partner, not only because of his deep love for Phoenix, but because of his first devotion to me and our marriage. After sleeping very little last night, I reached a sanity breaking point this afternoon -- Josh took baby duty so that I could get a much-needed nap. Love him.

And here's a shout out to the Lebovitz's for bringing us a ballin' dinner tonight -- here is a picture of our bed picnic bounty.

Please never cease praying for her lungs -- having her on oxygen complicates the craziness of having a newborn for us, and sister is sick of her nasal cannula!

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  1. What God can do and I have pray for you and the baby seen Joy told me about her grandaughter. God Bless your family!