Wednesday, August 10, 2011

She's Home

I guess I either need to stop blogging, or rename the blog, because OUR BABY IS AT HOME!

Today was surprisingly smooth. We made a last minute run to Costco this morning, grabbed some lunch, picked up her last prescription and then headed to the hospital. It was time for eats when we got there, so we changed and fed her while we went over discharge information. Josh packed up the car, we signed some papers, the nurses gave her some last minute lovin', and we left.

Of course, today was the day that I left the memory card for the camera at home. So there are no pictures of us leaving the hospital, only video.

Clearly we are first time parents, because I took 4 videos in the span of 7 or 8 minutes.
For your viewing pleasure ....

It was so surreal to carry her into the house ... best. feeling. ever.

I wish I had more to say, but I am spending quality time with my two loves. As I really process her homecoming and having a full-time baby, I will write about it.

Here are a couple pictures of her AT HOME!

Tiny baby

Nappin' downstairs

Perfect dinner (eaten on the floor of our bedroom)


  1. Congrats Guys, She looks amazing! _Juandi

  2. What a perfect day you will never forget and smile at each rememberance. Thank you Jesus. We praise you for this journey. Keep showing off God and we will thank you for each treasured gift.

  3. Lauren and I love the videos so much! We look for them every day. Every time Phoenix makes a squeal of noise I just melt.