Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Last Supper

We survived.
But I can't say it was the best night of my life, either.
It started out great ... Josh gave her a bottle, she went to bed and the two of us watched a movie together. Right before we went to sleep, I fed her and she ate like I have never seen her eat before. Sister still has some pretty serious reflux issues, so I think that kept her awake and fussing. And she kept pulling out her oxygen cannula. So in-between her first and second feeding, I think I probably slept for half an hour ... maybe. That dang monitor just kept going off.
Then when it was time to feed her again, she just wouldn't wake up. Most babies wake themselves up and cry when they are hungry, but we have to make sure she is eating at least every three hours so that she gains weight.
Here is a video of Josh trying to wake her up in the middle of the morning yesterday, which should give you a good feel of how frustrating it was to be up at 3 am trying to get her to eat.

Long story short? We left the hospital looking like hot messes ... Josh was still wearing his clothes from the previous day. But we were also told that rooming-in is always harder than actually being at home. I think it is just going to take me and her some time to establish a good feeding relationship.
But she sure is cute, eh?

Update on the girl:
- She sort of passed her car seat test -- there was no apnea, but they had to double her oxygen flow while sitting in the seat. As far as we know, we are still good to take her home tomorrow ... we will just have to hook sister up with lots of oxygen.

I think we have everything ready at home. We drove to literally 7 different stores before finding her vitamins, and endured a lot of confusion in getting her prescriptions filled (we ended up getting them filled at two different pharmacies). A portable oxygen tank got delivered to the hospital yesterday, and they delivered the big tank to our house today.The bad news? Her oxygen tubing is 7 feet long. Which means I will be living within 7 feet of her oxygen tank for a good portion of the coming weeks. Pray for my sanity.
So we moved some of her stuff into our room, including her changing table, since it will be easier to have her near us for awhile.

Here is a picture of our baby-ready room (Josh is sleeping next to me while I'm blogging, thus he is also sleeping in this picture):

 So tonight we went out for our last real date that we are going to have in a while -- and it was awesome!
In the car on the way home, I said to Josh "I'm glad you're mine"
His reply? "I'm glad I'm yours ... I wouldn't have it any other way"
Best husband ever. Or so I thought -- he is currently singing in a really high-pitched voice just to bother me.

Last bit of good news? A friend of Josh's sister mowed our lawn for us! Yay! Our house actually looks decent now!

Thanks Todd!
Can't wait to post pictures of us leaving the hospital tomorrow!


  1. I... cannot... .wait.... for you to get to take this girl home today.... YES!!!

  2. I loved the video of Josh trying to wake her up. She is so beautiful! god bless josh emily and nixie!