Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bestie in Town

My best friend flew into town last night, and I am beyond thrilled.
Other than Josh, there is no one who knows me, makes me laugh, encourages me or challenges me like her. And she came to town to love on me and my baby -- watching her hold Nixie made me even more thankful for the gift of real friendship that God gave me in her. She has already helped clean and do laundry, and make me laugh.

And I got to leave the house to drive to the airport to pick her up ... I felt so free. And somehow I managed to get lost on the easiest route of all time.

Not much is new with the nug, except she went on her first stroll tonight!
Check it:

Oh, and today was the first time she soiled her clothes and bed as well as her diaper. That's my girl.

Josh and I are both sleep deprived, and now we have a heat problem on top of our newborn. Our air conditioning is broken, so we are all currently hanging out in the basement to try and beat the heat. Even the babe seems to be annoyed by the temperature ... she has been much fussier today.
Pray that we all make it through the night, and that we can get the AC figured out tomorrow.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last day or two:

I promise Josh wears clothes sometimes

Love me some snuggles

Pretty baby lying on our bed

Tyrannosaurus hand
And thank you to the Schoeck's for a rockin' dinner tonight, and muffins for breakfast tomorrow!

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