Friday, August 5, 2011

Can't Wait!

Josh and I are both so tired at this point that neither of us heard our alarms this morning. Instead of trying to fight our morning laziness, we enjoyed some time hanging in bed together watching "So You Think You Can Dance" on Hulu. Before you judge me, watch this dance about breakfast lovin' and then tell me the show isn't awesome:

That's what I thought.

When we finally got our lives together, we went to visit the babe.
After spending the last two months in the same NICU cubicle, sister graduated to her own room today! Meaning we can shut the door when I nurse or pump, and we get to just live life with her like we are at home.

We had a good afternoon with her, despite some feeding hiccups. I think the next couple days are just going to be rough, since we are living in the tension of still being in the NICU but transitioning her to the house. Pray that this is as smooth as possible for everyone involved ... especially Phoenix!

Here is the timeline:
- Sometime before Wednesday: Car Seat Test (but the seat is there, so they can do it whenever)
- Tomorrow (Saturday): 8 week birthday!
- Monday: Eye Exam
- Tuesday: Josh and I get trained for her oxygen, and they deliver a tank to our house
- Wednesday: Discharge!

As our NICU stay is drawing to a close, I have taken it upon myself to document the everyday intricacies of this season. So, enjoy this way-too-long video of our daily walk into the hospital. Sorry it as all Blair-Witchy ... hopefully it just makes you feel like you are there!

And here is a video of Josh taking Nixie's temperature. Poor girl gets regularly woken up by someone sticking a thermometer all up in her armpit ... no wonder she gets angry.

And, in case there has not been enough tantalizing media for you in this post, here are some random pictures from the last few days.

Gasin' up on the way to Six Flags
Cute little bee jammies

Mommy and her nug

Bright-eyed bottle feeder
Keep praying for her lungs ... we would love for her to get off oxygen as quickly as possible!
Love you all!


  1. Really random...I just started posting SYTYCD videos this morning for a week long build of excitement on the way to this season's finale. Good thing Nixie will be home to watch those with you next week :)

  2. Praying she'll be home with you guys this week! So glad to see you enjoying the moments of this season too!