Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Medical update:
- Phoenix got switched from a high flow cannula in her nose to a low flow version today ... it should make it easier for her to move around and get kangarooed. But she will still be receiving the same amount of oxygen because they also increased the saturation.
- As of right now, she is showing signs of chronic lung disease, but she will only be diagnosed officially if she isn't healed up at 37 weeks (gestational age). So the Lord has 5 weeks to work with our girl and her lungs, so that hopefully we can go home without an oxygen tank and no worries about her breathing!
- She is up to 23 cc's of milk with an ultimate goal of 25 cc's. Once she gets there, they will up the calories in the milk with fortifier so we can get her chunked up!

In celebration of the holiday, Phoenix pooped on me today. When kangaroo time was over and the nurse picked her up, we found a lovely little independence-day present sitting on my belly. Thanks a lot baby.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today:
I will never get sick of kangaroo time

Lookin' up at mommy

 Snuggling on Josh 

Like father, like daughter

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