Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sorry I'm Behind ...

As much as I like ending my night with Nixie snuggles, I have a hard time mustering up energy to blog at midnight. So excuse spelling errors ... and grammatical errors ... and any stupid stuff I write. 

Here is the lastest on the little lady:
- She is still steadily gaining weight, and they have increased her feedings to 28 cc's. (Side note -- our little punk pulled out her feeding tube today ... she is very crafty with those tiny hands).
- On my way home from holding her tonight, I listened to my voicemail from the last few days (those of you who know me well are not surprised by my procrastination). The last message was from one of the NICU nurses saying that I have the go-ahead to try breastfeeding her once a day! Being able to breastfeed and/or bottle-feed is a prerequisite for going home, so please pray fervently for success in this endeavor!
- She got her pictures taken on Monday, and the x-ray showed less fogginess in hear lungs -- they are getting better! So her doctor took her off her diuretic, and she also finished her sodium chloride supplement. So now she is just getting breastmilk (with fortifier), caffeine (to help with apnea) and vitamins.

Here are the long awaited bath-time pictures from Sunday:

Angry girl -- she hated having her stickers scrubbed off

Audacious Prayer #2:
We want our girl to come home ASAP, but her lungs are really the only thing that may keep her in the NICU (right now, she is doing really well with everything else). We have been hoping that she would get weaned off her supplemental oxygen so that she would go home breathing room air, but we had a nurse tell us that she was certain Phoenix would go home on oxygen. As much as I appreciate her expertise, I did not appreciate the finality of her statement.
So we want everyone to pray that God would heal her lungs, and free her from supplemental oxygen in the next two weeks. We want such a miraculous turnaround that only God would receive glory -- and I want to see her skeptical nurses stopped in their tracks. So pray boldly with us!

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