Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since so many of y'all are sending us little gifts, and some have asked what we need for Phoenix (besides prayer), we figured we would let you know what things we could still really use.
So (just an FYI) -- you can check out:
  • Babies R' Us (click HERE for our registry)
  • Target (click HERE for our registry)
We are also planning to using 'Charlie Banana' cloth diapers (once Phoenix is big enough, and she is not longer on milk fortifier), which you can find at or even on Amazon. We want the 'one size' diapers in white, or the value pack called 'Tutti Frutti.'

Our mailing address is:
2800 Pine Log Way
Buford, GA 30519

Obviously, do NOT feel pressured to get anything for us. I just merely wanted to provide that info for the people who have requested it.

Now, here are a couple pictures from the last day or two:

She looked so cute in her puppy pj's

Wild woman

Forced to surrender by her swaddler

We had an interesting day at the hospital -- or rather, she had a really interesting noon feeding today. Long story short, she had a lot of water in her oxygen tube and nasal cannula that prevented her from receiving the air she needed. The result? We had a terrible go at breastfeeding (although she has made the connection that I am a source of food, and she wouldn't give up on trying to get to it today) because her oxygen saturation kept dropping. We just ended up puttting her back to bed, which gave them a chance to figure out what the problem was. Josh, on the other hand, had a wonderful bottle feeding with her at 3, followed by a nap and baby snuggles. Lucky dog.
Dr. Narayan DID start her on a diuretic (to clear any fluid out of her lungs), which has already helped with her oxygen saturation. Josh wants to make sure he gets credit for mentally prescribing a diuretic before the doctor did ... so when you see him, call him Dr. Cash.

Love you all!

Side note ... If you want to see more clips of the Cash family, I started a YouTube channel for our videos. Just visit for more videos of the nugget than you could possibly want (I will be adding more tonight when I wake up to pump).


  1. You simply must send me an email! I own a cloth diaper company here locally. I started using cloth when my first was older and then when I had my preemie and he had respiratory problems I decided to start a business. I noticed a huge difference in his respiratory health when I got him out of disposables. I have a special program (aka discount) I do for families of preemies. I don't carry Charlie Banana, but I have similar brands, plus I even have diapers i can get that made especially for preemies. Please send me an email so I can help you guys in this area! I would love to! and my website is

  2. Thanks Emily, but I did quite a bit of reading before deciding on the Charlie Banana diapers, and think I am going to stick with that plan!

  3. I love that you have some fun activities to do during middle of the night pumpings :)