Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movin' On Up

When I showed up this morning, for the first time ever, I got to do all of the handling of Phoenix -- checked her temp, changed her diaper, took her out of the isolette, got her situated with me, breastfed her, and put on some new clothes. The nurse wasn't even in there! It was so nice to not have a babysitter while I spent time with her ... she may not have been moved as smoothly or changed as efficiently, but I got to do it all myself!

And then .... drumroll please ... I put her in her open-air crib! Check out these awesome pictures from my morning with the lady.

Extra clothes to keep her warm

My sweetie

All snuggled and sleepy

Testing out her big girl bed!

My cousin's wife sent me this sweet story about her little girl, and I can't help but share it with you:
She wrote:"Katelyn hardly ever plays with her baby dolls anymore, but last night she was in her room quietly rocking one of her babies and I heard her say "Nixie, you're getting so big, God is sure hugging you tight!"
Yes, He sure is. We are so thankful!

And, one more drumroll please ... her doctor amended his earlier prediction, and said that we should be able to take her home in TWO WEEKS!
This is both exciting and extremely overwhelming -- we have so much to do to get ready for her big arrival. Pray for focus, energy and endurance for us as we get ready to make that big transition. Can't wait!
(and if you have any baby girl clothes you want to throw our way, that would be wonderful!)


  1. Emily and Josh, it's very exciting to be sitting in scotland and seeing Phoenix in her own big girl bed! I love technology. I love the way you're trusting in the providence and healing care of God. I love that my time at Baylor let me met such an awesome wonderful person like you!
    ps: As 28 week premmie myself, I'm praying especially hard for the fighting' fabulous firebird! I think i now get why my mama still wells up a little with pride when I do cool stuff! (like be all nerdy).

  2. Tears have cometh into mine eyes -- SO happy for you about bringing her home a week EARLIER!!