Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Closer

- The nugget broke 4 pounds today! And that was after the most massive poop of all time (seriously ... she just kept going ... it took a million wipes to clean her up) -- everyone is really happy with her weight gain.
- She kept her temperature up for a full 24 hours, so they moved the isolette out of her room and the crib is here to stay!
- She took a full bottle for Josh tonight -- she was incredibly alert and did a great job eating all by herself. This morning when I tried to breastfeed her, I was not so lucky. Sister would NOT wake up ... until, of course, we gave up and put her back in the crib.

Here are some pictures of Josh feeding her from last night and tonight:

Daddy is a natural

Eating like a champ

In her baby straight-jacket

Looking pretty in yellow

Want to have a staring contest?

And, if you thought that seeing the last Harry Potter movie would pass without comment, you were wrong.
Here are my humble musings:
- As Josh and I were sitting in the theater, I was thinking about all our fellow movie-watchers. Everyone silently applauded the selflessness, sacrifice, and courage of the characters, and would surely verbally champion the prospect of doing good in the midst of terrible opposition and even death. But how many Harry Potter fans are actually taking a stand for the virtues they applaud? I have had some visions of Phoenix in later years, fighting for truth in a generation void of gumption, heart, and morality. I pray that she is so surrendured to the will of God, to his goodness and righteousness, that she can't help but follow her moral compass. I imagine her being a champion of virtue in her actions and not just her words. (And I also imagine her with long, flowing dark hair ... but that's irrelevant)
- With that said, one of my favorite parts of the movie was Dumbledore's theory that words are the most powerful magic. As much as I desire Phoenix to be a woman of action, I also pray that she has amazing command of her words, that she would honor and glorify God, and that she would articulatley inspire those around her to know and love Him well.
- Neville was my favorite character this time around. Just sayin'.


  1. It seems like both times I have come to photograph her, it was the DAY before a major breakthrough. Last time they let you hold her the next day. This time they let you handle her by yourself entirely and broke her out of of the enclosed crib. Gotta get back there soon!
    p.s. so happy for you.:) She is looking chubby for realz!

  2. Hooray for 4 pounds!!

    I was walking this morning and listening to Matt Redman's new album (awesome, by the way) and the song "We Are the Free" made me think of Nixie - especially the part where he sings "we will rise up." I hope it's encouraging to you to listen to.

  3. love the footies pjs... love you - praying for firebird.