Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good News

So it turns out a lot of the changes from yesterday were totally unnecessary.
1. Phoenix getting taken off bottle-feeding apparently had nothing to do with her oxygen changes. The nurse-practioner who saw Phoenix yesterday was reading her chart, and saw that Nixie was born at 28 weeks (but she didn't bother to do the calculating and find out that Phoenix was one day away from 29). So even though Phoenix was doing really well with bottle-feeding, the practioner decided to stop them because she technically wasn't old enough. Except she is. Ugh. So bottle feedings are back, and Josh is one happy dad!
2. The respiratory therapist who has been working with Phoenix (who is really awesome, despite the fact that she wears her scrubs high-waisted) was surprised to find her back on a high flow cannula today. She talked with Dr. Narayan, and they decided to switch Nixie back to low-flow with 100% oxygen. If she does go home on oxygen, it will be low-flow and they want her to get used to that. Who made the call to switch it yesterday? The same dang nurse-practitioner.

Here is what Phoenix has to say to that lady:

(And no, I did not manipulate her finger positioning. This was all her doing -- I merely captured it)

Other news: Phoenix is getting another blood transfusion tonight. Hopefully that will help with her oxygen saturations and with her energy. Just pray that she doesn't get dependent on these transfusions and that her little body starts making more red blood cells!

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  1. Where is the neonatologist? Where is the REAL dr?
    As you can imagine, we like drs. better. Praying!