Thursday, July 14, 2011

Practice makes ... Progress!

- We gave breastfeeding another go tonight, and she was such a champ! She stayed awake longer, and got a good amount of milk from me! 
- Her echo showed that the PDA is getting smaller. They don't feel the need to intervene ... they will just keep watching it. (Sue was right!)
- They have started weaning the temperature in her isolette, with a goal of moving to an open-air crib by the end of the week! She is gaining enough weight that she should be able to maintain her own body temp ... so hopefully no more plastic cage for my baby!

I think that's it.
Except for these pictures from the last few days:

My beautiful baby

Phoenix and her luck-dragon, Darla

Wearing the "firebird" onesie that my sweet friend Katie made for her!

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  1. Yesss!!! Way to go baby girl!

    Can't believe how big it is on her still, so sweet.