Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not Much to Report

Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday ... there really hasn't been much to report.

I went and had cuddle time with her yesterday, and the only news was that her sodium levels were a little low. So she is getting some good ole fashioned sodium chloride to keep her in balance.

When we went after church to visit her today, we found out that we can kangaroo twice in one day! Holla! So Josh and Phoenix fell asleep together this afternoon, and then I went back to the hospital tonight to get my snuggling in. As of today, they have just slightly increased her feeding volume and began fortifying the breastmilk again. She is tolerating it well, so hopefully sister will start to put on some weight.

Sorry that I can't muster up the emotional energy to write any more ... I knew there would be hard days with a baby in the NICU, and today was one of them for me. Especially because a very unhelpful nurse started telling me tonight about how the trials of having a preemie don't end when she leaves the hospital. So glad she decided to share that nugget with me tonight. Fortunately, I can trust Phoenix in the arms of her Father when I can't be with her.

Hopefully sleep and a day filled with friends and festivities tomorrow will afford me some renewed strength.

Keep praying for all three of us!


  1. Really good to see you today -- it'll get better with time:) I have a cousin who was a preemie and things got WAY better after she left the hospital -- this nurse... although probably trying to be "helpful".... needs to shove it for now.

  2. I just read your entire blog and I am now rivering and slobbering all over the computer. I can't believe how beautiful you look as a mommy (Josh makes a really awesome daddy too!) and your little Nixie is the best thing in the whole world. God is so so good!! I love your little family.

  3. you know what will get better when she is home with you?! that she is HOME WITH YOU!