Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Time Coming

Sorry it's been a couple of days since I last posted ... there hasn't been much new to report.

Except ... they are now saying that she will be home in 3 WEEKS! The end is in sight, people!

Tonight when I went to hang out with her and work on breastfeeding with her, I figured out why she is breathing through her mouth and not her nose. As soon as I opened up her isolette, a nasty smell wafted out ... poor girl is stuck in a box with her own stink! And when I went to change her diaper, both her nurse and I were in awe of how such a tiny little girl can make so much poop -- just to show off, she then proceeded to projectile poop all over the clean diaper, my hand, and her bed. Little stinker (literally).

She is doing a really great job of maintaining her own body temperature (because she is up to 3 lbs, 11 oz now!), so they are hoping to move her to an open-air crib tonight -- she gets a big girl bed!

Not much else to report ...
- She is up to 30 cc' per feeding, and she gets two bottles and one breastfeed per day. She is learning to work for her food, and doing really well.
- No real progress with her lungs. Keep praying that God will miraculously heal her, and that she will be able to get weaned from oxygen.

She got her picture taken again yesterday (Sat) by the lovely Mary Anne Morgan. If you missed the first batch of pictures, you can check them out here. So keep your eyes out for my pictures of our little firebird!

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